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Facebook Messenger one of the popular instant messaging applications has undergone so many changes since last a few years. Now not only the audio calls and instant message but also the video call can be made through it. Facebook Messenger is available on Android and IOS. It also has a web version as well but fully supported by Chrome, Firefox and Opera only. Safari and Internet explorer doesn’t support video calling the feature. In short Facebook, Messenger is also called Messenger.

The messenger comes handy when we are supposed to make group calls to our friends. It has now ample of animated emoticons and smiley which give it a cool look. You must be using Messenger since many months and must have experience that sometimes it doesn’t work properly especially the video calling feature. Let’s find out some of the possible cause along with the solution when the video calling feature is disrupted.


1.    Plug-in:  You try to make a video call but it doesn’t initiate any session at all. You ask your friend to call you and he/she is also unable to call you. In short, you aren’t able to make any video call or unable to receive video call as well. This is the most common issue in the Messenger. When you click on the video calling button, pop out ask some plug-in is missing. The process to install a plug-in is very easy. On Google type “Facebook Video call the plug-in.” Download the setup. Run it right away. Finish the installation and restart your browser then try again. Sometime you may have to uninstall the plug-in and re-install it from the “Program and Features” Go to the control panel and you will find “Program and Features” then click on uninstall a program.


2.    Video call disconnects: Every time you make a video call to your friend or answer his call, it gets disconnected automatically. The first thing to ensure is the speed of the internet connection at your place. This happens when the speed of the internet is slow or another application in your system is eating up the bandwidth of your network. Close any other application if you are streaming videos or downloading large files then try calling again.


3.    No Video calling option:  This is also one of the most common issues which need troubleshooting. You don’t find any button to start a video call or the button is in inactive status. First of all, check the browser which you are using is supported by the Facebook Messenger.  Video calling feature of Facebook Messenger is supported by Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Opera only while the Internet Explorer and Safari doesn’t entertain video calling feature. Make sure the browser is updated with the latest released version.


4.    Video call button is Gray or inactive: Make sure your friend is active and connected to you on Messenger. You won’t be able to make video call if the person isn’t connected with you on Facebook.


If you still can’t make a video call then contact our Facebook Messenger Support helpline toll free number. They would be happy to assist you with.